Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Pormenor da dupla página, com Enya Anansi colado ao homem de borracha.

Enya Anasi stucked to the rubber-man.
..."he tried to disangage himself by pushing against it with his knees and body"...

Pormenor da dupla página com a mulher e o filho de Anansi.
Anansi's wife and son.

Aspecto final da dupla página.

DOUBLE PAGE: ..." he was so ashamed to be caught in the act of greediness that he changed into a spider"...

Suporte: watercolor paper 350g/m2
Dimensão: double page - 35x50cm
Médium: watercolors - cadmium yellow hue, dioxazine violet, burnt sienna, cerulean blue and sépia

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